Why Choose Stainless Steel Corner Guards?

Posted by   Rose Davis

Why Choose Stainless Steel Corner Guards?

There are facilities where design and maintenace requirements call for the use of metal corner guards rather than vinyl corner guards.

Wallguard.com's stainless steel corner guards have a lustrous satin finish. They are easy to clean and provide high impact protection against continuous impact. They are most commonly used in healthcare and hospitality food service areas. Stainless steel meets the need for sanitary requirments for those types of facilities. Stainless steel is non-porous and rust resistant. Wiped clean they help to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Stainless steel corner guards have gained in popularity with architects and desingers too. They are regularly specified for the sleek and distinctive look, allowing for more design options over vinyl corner guards. Wallguard.com manufactures standard off the shelf sizes, but will also fabricate to any width, length or special angle requirements. We produce surface mount corner guards that install over existing corners as well as flush mount corner guards which are installed within new construction drywall.

The surface mount stainless steel corner guard wings are hemmed or crimped along the full length of the wings. This meticulously de-burred safety feature is aesthetically pleasing. Our standard offering for these corner guards includes the adhesive that will be needed for the installation. The adhesive provided is from DAP. It is solvent free, low VOC and provides a strong durable bond to most construction materials. Wallguard.com will also standard drill or countersink drill the wings while providing the appropriate hardware. The flush mount stainless steel corner guards are fabricated in standard wing and length sizes as well as for any special size requirements.

We also provide STAINLESS SAME DAY SHIPPING on the most popular wing sizes and lengths.