Wallguards & Bumpers

Wallguard.com's Protector Series Wallguards and crash rail system are a great way to protect walls from everyday abuse in high-traffic areas. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the impact of wheelchairs, carts, furniture, and other objects. Wallguards can also help to prevent injuries by absorbing the force of impacts.

In addition to protecting walls, wallguards can also help to reduce maintenance and repair expenses. By preventing damage to walls, wallguards can extend the lifespan of your facility's walls and save you money on repairs.

Wallguard.com offers a wide variety of wallguards and crash rails to suit your specific needs. We have wallguards for a variety of widths and heights, as well as wallguards with varying projections.

If you are looking for a way to protect your walls from everyday abuse, Wallguard.com's Protector Series wallguards and crash rail system is a great option. They are a cost-effective way to extend the lifespan of your walls and prevent injuries

Sculpted Wallguard by Wallguard.com Flat Wallguards

Sculpted Wallguards

Contemporary WALL GUARDS in 70 rigid vinyl colors that mount on aluminum or vinyl retainer system.

Flat Wallguards

High Impact WALL GUARDS are the best solution for medical facility wall protection.


Clear Wallguard                                                                           Heavy Duty Wallguards by Wallguard.com

Clear Wallguards

Economical CLEAR CHAIR RAIL is easy to install, offer good protection and reduce maintenance.

Heavy Duty Wallguards

Rubber BUMPER GUARDS are the ultimate impact protection and immune to all weather conditions.


Accent Wallguards by Wallguard.com                                                                                  Wood Wallguard

Accent Wallguards

Low profile smooth and textured BUMPER GUARDS provide durable and low cost wall and retail counter protection.

Wood Wallguards 

Choose wood wallguards as CHAIR RAIL. We will match your stain at no extra cost!



Wallguard.com's wall protection profiles run the gamut of sizes, shapes, colors and styles. In addition to our unique ability to protect all areas of any facility, the design flexibility of our wallguards is limitless. The rigid vinyl wallguards and heavy duty wallguards or bumpers, offer outstanding protection from all types of abuse, thus dramatically reducing maintenace and repair expenses. Choose from 70 standard colors for all of the rigid vinyl wallguards, whether flat wallguards, sculpted wallguards, or the accent wallguards. And with custom color matching available, the options are endless.
Look for our Quick Clip method of installation for some of the vinyl wallguards. They are an economical alternative to the continuous aluminum retainer system.
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