4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying or Specifying Corner Guards for Hotels

Posted by   Rose Davis

 Here are 4 mistakes to avoid when buying and specifying corner guards for hotels.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Source     

    Hotel owners and designers should know that buying quality corner guards factory direct from a wall protection manufacturer is the most economical method of furnishing a hotel. Wallguard.com is one of the few manufacturers in the industry that sells factory direct.  Buying through distributors or company reps from other wall protection companies adds a level of cost. With Wallguard.com that level does not exist.  We not only have factory direct prices, but we also provide quantity discounts. As production requirements increase, our manufacturing costs decrease. Wallguard.com passes on these savings in the form of quantity discounts.

  2. Choosing the Wrong Corner Guard                   

    Not all corner guards are created equal. The economical clear and glossy colored polycarbonate corner guards may seem like the most economical way to furnish a hotel's corner guard requirements but in comparison to Wallguard.com's rigid vinyl they are not. Wallguard.com's vinyl corner guards are manufactured with a texture and matte finish that resists scuffing, hides scrapes and rarely chips or breaks.  Overtime, these damage resistant corner guards pay for themselves in reduced replacement cost and corner maintenance.

  3. Choosing the Wrong Wing Size

    There are multiple wing (width lengths of the corner guard flanges) widths from which to choose. Both aesthetics and functionality need to be considered when furnishing hotels. Most hotels require greater corner protection in common areas and less corner protection within the guest rooms. Typically the common areas are furnished with the 1.5"x1.5" wings, and the rooms with the .75"x.75" ones. Wallguard.com, however, also manufactures 1"x1" wings that have been specified for Hampton Inns and Hilton Garden Inns by Hilton. Our 70 standard colors provide a myriad of choices, along with our ability to provide custom colors.

  4. Choosing the Wrong Method of Installation

     Selecting the right fastening method depends on the walls and corners that are receiving the protection. Wallguard.com's peel and stick double sided taped corner guards are designed for painted drywall installation, they don't always adhere to some wallpapers and wallcoverings. To insure adherence on wallcoverings we recommend the untaped corner guards installed with our adhesive. Most hotel owners and designers prefer not to have exposed fasteners as they can detract aesthetically. Choosing the drilled versions for the "back of house" installation is more appropriate.

Rose Davis
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