High Impact Vinyl Wall Guards vs. Heavy Duty Rubber Wall Bumpers

Posted by   Rose Davis

Wall Guards vs. Rubber Wall Guards

In this blog we will look at two types of products that protect walls but serve two very different areas of a facility. The terms "wall guards" and "wall bumpers" are often used interchangeably. We wil look at the most common use for each term and briefly describe the differences and similarities between the two products.


Wall Guards

The term "wall guards" refer to wall protection products designed and manufactured by Wallguard.com. Typically the wall guards are a rigid vinyl cover that snaps on to an aluminum retainer or mounting clips. The system is designed to be durable and to withstand repeated impact. Wallguard.com offers a large variety of sizes, shapes, 70 colors and styles. See these options.

Normally these wall guards - vinyl cover over retainer - are used throughout medical facilities to protect walls from wheelchairs, hospital beds, carts and gurneys. They are also used in hotels, schools, as well as conference rooms and office corridors. They guard the walls of the facility from scratches, dents and scrapes, while reducing constant maintenance. Because of the myriad of options, they be both an architectural enhancement and functional protection at the same time.

Rubber Wall Guards

Rubber wall guards are the most effective option for walls in an industrial setting where high impact is common and where aesthetics are not the primary concern. Whether it is a warehouse, parking garage, loading dock or other high-traffic area the rubber wall guards will do the job of protecting walls and the equipment that impacts the walls and columns. See these options.

Wallguard.com's rubber bumpers are made from EPDM rubber which provide durable and high impact protection. Our proprietary compouns provide chemical and UV stability suitable for most commercial and industrial applications.