Stainless Steel Crash Rail 2181C Tube Bkts

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Recycled Content, Stainless Steel ProductsStainless Steel Crash Rail | 4" wide bar | Perfect for clean rooms as well as biological and hospital settings | Approval drawings for each order | Custom Design For Each Facility |


Stainless Steel Crash Rail - 4" Wide - Customized Lay-Outs Done - Click Here for a Quote



Type 304 stainless steel standard; Type 316 stainless steel also available

  • 1/4" thick x 4" high (standard)
  • Tube brackets
  • Exposed fasteners (standard) or Hidden Fasteners
  • Maximum continuous length 142"L.
  • Continuous inside and outside corners
  • Custom fabricated, marked for installation per your specifications
  • Approval drawing prepared before fabrication begins

Available Crash Rail Brackets from

  Standard Bracket Fasteners   Hidden Bracket Fasteners
Rail Width I-Beam Z-Bracket Tube Bracket   I-Beam Z-Bracket Tube Bracket
2" N/A N/A 2181.2   N/A N/A N/A
3" 2181.3 2181B.3 2181C.3   2181D.3 2181E.3 N/A
4" 2181 2181B 2181C   2181D 2181E N/A
6" 2181.6 2181B.6 2181C.6   2181D.6 2181E.6 N/A


1.  I-Beam bracket is always clear anodized aluminum.  Its length is sized to accommodate the rail width.

2.  Z-Bracket is fabricated from 1/8" thick stainless steel bar stock.  The bar stock width is selected to accommodate the rail width.

3.  Tube Bracket is always clear anodized aluminum.  It is not available for hidden fastening.

4.  Standard bracket fastening is to drill and countersink for flat head mechanical fasteners.

6.  Hidden bracket fastener for stainless rail is a welded threaded stud.



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This crash rail is also available in aluminum, Protector Series 2180 .  

2181C - 4" Rail Tube Bracket Tech Sheet (2181C.pdf, 330 Kb) [Download]

2181C - Specification (2181C_Specifications.pdf, 104 Kb) [Download]

LEED Information for 2181 (Recycled_Content_of_Stainless_Products.pdf, 414 Kb) [Download]

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