Stainless Steel & Aluminum Information & Recycled Content

Stainless steel and aluminum crash rail, endwalls, corner guards, and door protectors do not require special cleaning or maintenance.

A vinyl “skin” which protects the stainless steel and aluminum during shipping should be removed at the time of installation.

To clean, use mild soap and water, or a multi-purpose cleaner such as 409. We do not recommend use of any cleaners such as Ajax or Comet which contain abrasive components that may scratch and leave a powdery residue.
 manufactures several impact protection products in stainless steel.  Our stainless products include corner guards, crash rails, door frame guards, and sheet products such as kick plates and push plates.  The stainless steel used in these products has an average recycled content of 60% with a 5% range of variability.  The recycled content is 100% post consumer.  Contact us for more detailed recycled content information.