Clear Chair Rail 3" Wide -2170A


BEST SELLER | 3"H x 94" L | Smooth clear lexan polycarbonate | Pre-drilled with 6 Phillips head screws and plastic anchors per length |Protect walls behind chairs, furniture and equipment


Clear Lexan Chair Rail 3" Wide x 94" Long Predrilled with Hardware


High Impact Clear Rub Rail provide protection while allowing wall color to show through. The 2170A and 2170A.1 are both excellent choices for all types of offices where chairs and furniture mar the walls. Use as a chair rail or in other places where maintaining the look of the decor is important but providing protection against damaging impact from chair backs or carts and equipment is also a priority.

The clear Lexan allows the color of the wall to show through. Companion clear LEXAN corner guards are available and may be installed with the included chrome plated phillips head screws.

Includes 6 Phillips head screws and plastic anchors per length

  • Smooth high gloss clear finish
  • Material: Polycarbonate (also known as Lexan or Acrylic)
  • We do not offer cut lengths or custom sizes for this product.
  • 2170A Dimensions: 5/16" D x 3" H X 94" L
  • 2170A.1 Dimensions: 5/16" D x 4" H x 94" L
  • Manufacturer's Comparison

You can cut to size onsite using a hacksaw with a fine-toothed blade and put painter's tape on either side of where you will be cutting to avoid scratches. Once the item is cut you will need to use some fine-grit sandpaper to deburr the edges.

2170A Tech Sheet (2170A.pdf, 131 Kb) [Download]

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