2257 Bumper for Carts, Walls and Equipment


Cart, wall and equipment bumper | flexible vinyl with retainer

To reduce shipping fees, you can purchase cut lengths so your order can ship UPS. The vinyl and aluminum are cut to the same length.If you need them ready to install, provide us with your "finished lengths" from cap to cap in order Note Box.
Black Brown Gray Ivory Polar White Tan

With matching vinyl end caps and outside corners, the flexible vinyl 2257 provides durable non-marking means to protect walls, carts, and other equipment.  It conforms to all equipment and wall contours and includes an internal aluminum retainer for better anchorage to the substrate.


1-1/16" D x 1-1/8" H x 144" L

2257 Tech Drawing (2257.pdf, 248 Kb) [Download]

2257 Installation Instructions (2257_Installation.pdf, 382 Kb) [Download]

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