Request a Quote: Wallcovering

  1. Please use this form for all types of wall covering required.

  2. Measure all areas that require wall covering and determine total square footage.

  3. Determine how many top caps, joint covers, inside corners, and outside corners are required.

  4. Determine if you will require our adhesive. Mastic is easy to work with, allowing adjusting of the material, and will bond in 35-40 minutes. One gallon will cover 125 sq. ft. with one coat. Contact adhesive bonds immediately and one gallon covers 200 sq. ft. with three coats.

  5. Finally, submit your request and we’ll send back a quote as soon as possible.

TIP: Simplify your quote request by printing out this quote form to record information as you preview the various product catalog sections. You can fax this form to us or complete and submit the electronic version below.

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